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Driver CPC - Mod 2 & Mod 4 Initial Qualification

Course Information

In order to drive a lorry or bus professionally you are required by law to have Driver CPC qualification. The driver CPC consists of two parts:

  • Module 2 - The case studies and 'theory' part of the training. You will need to pass a computer based multiple choice test. We will supply you with online revision material.
  • Module 4 - The practical demonstration. Once you have passed the case studies we can arrange the practical demonstration training and test. This is a safe loading and vehicle safety demonstration test using a large vehicle. Dulson Training have their own in-house DVSA assessors which makes it easy for drivers to train and test for CPC with Dulson Training. These tests are slightly different for lorry and bus drivers.

We can deliver courses and tests on weekdays or weekends and have a high pass rate for CPC training. Please see our Fair Processing Policy.

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  • Driver CPC Module 4 Practical Training and Tests Available 7 Days A Week

Driver CPC

Licence Requirements

  • 18 years old or over
  • Must hold a valid UK driving licence
  • Must have a lorry or bus full or provisional entitlement
  • Must pass the CPC Module 2 before taking the Module 4
  • Must pass the Module 4 in order to receive a Driver CPC qualification card
  • The qualification card will expire in five years
  • To renew your qualification card you will need an additional five days of Driver CPC periodic training over the course of five years
  • We recommend that you take one periodic training course every year in order to fulfil this requirement

Who should train? Why should I train?

In order to drive a lorry or bus professionally you will need a Driver CPC qualification. Driver CPC was introduced in 2008 for bus drivers and in 2009 for lorry drivers. It is designed to improve the professionalism and safety of LGV drivers.

If you already hold a lorry or bus licence but have never used it, or if you are or about to qualify as a new driver, then you are legally required to hold a valid Driver CPC.

The Process

Book your Module 2 Case Studies theory training with Dulson Training.
Revise and prepare online.


Book your Module 4 practical training with Dulson Training.
We will arrange your Module 4 test with our in-house assessor.
If you pass both modules, you will be issued with a Drivers Qualification Card (DQC).
Don't forget to complete an additional 35 hours of periodic training within five years. Dulson Training can help you to plan these training courses.

What does the training include?

Free Training

Module 2 Case Studies - A computer test of 50 Multiple Choice questions at any Pearson theory test centre.

Free Training

We will provide an online revision portal where you can revise the question banks, take mock tests, and practice, practice, practice!

Free Training

Once you pass this module we can arrange your mandatory Module 4 Practical Demonstration training.

Free Training

We supply a vehicle, literature, and the training you need to prepare for the test.

Free Training

We arrange your Module 4 test with our in-house DVSA assessor.