SOM Learner Driver Car Test (Cat B)

We offer intensive driver training courses ( SOM ) School Of Motoring

Under 17 Academey 

We have off road facilities for under 17's. Fullqualified DVSA ADI instructor who is also a recently qualified DVSA HGV and CAR TEST examiner.

Our brand new VW Tiguan is a pleasure to drive, its a small vehcile with a high driving position and excellent vision. Built in SATNAV (for the new rules) AC, Cruise, Heated Seats and all the other extras you would expect from a premium brand. 

We recommend intensive courses, we will first assess how long the course will be and then arrange a test. The lessons will be structired up to the test ideally in 4 hour blocks. Traditional SOM use 1 hour or 40 minute lessons but we feel this takes too long, wasted too much time and doesnt allow the driver to progress. Our intensive courses can be arranged for you start and within a week be taking a test. The vehicle is very easy to drive, fitted with cameras and very safe.

We have our own off road facility, designated internal M4 examiners and top of the range equipment.