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Course Information

We will post you a free application pack, this includes everything you need to get started and the relevant DVLA application forms. The pack will help you to complete the medical, provisional application, and theory tests including an online learning portal.

We offer an optional 30 minute free driving assessment. Once you have completed the theory test we invite you to visit one of our sites and find out more about us, the course and have a go. This will help you decide which is the best course duration for you. 

We supply easy to drive new vehicles and we arrange the test for you. We have some standard set courses with excellent pass rates to choose from or you can arrange training lesson by lesson. 

We offer training courses and tests in Shrewsbury, Telford, Wrexham and Wolverhampton. Lessons are available weekdays or weekends and we have access to hundreds of tests at our own private DVSA testing sites. 

The 90 minute Cat D1 test will include road driving, reversing and some safety questions. The minimum age is 18 and you must hold a UK driving licence. 

If you will be driving professionally you will need a Driver CPC Module 2 Case Studies Test scheduled at the same time as your theory tests and Module 4 Safety and Security Practical Training and Test, completed in-house with us and can be scheduled alongside the Cat D1 course.  

Low rate finance packages available to spread the costs. T&C's apply. 

If you would like us to post you a free application pack we will need your name and address. If you would like any more information or to discuss course or free assessment dates please confirm which location and duration of course you prefer or contact us on:

Head Office: 01952 770659

Start Now


We provide a new and easy to drive Ford Transit 14 seat minibus. They are similar to most school minibuses. We provide this for the lessons and test. We picked these because they are simple, easy to drive and reliable. Fitted with reversing cameras to make your time behind the wheel as easy and safe as possible.
If you already hold a Cat D1 or D1+E licence and you have not used your licence for a period of time and are entering the industry we offer

Refresher courses. 

Minibus training test Shrewsbury and Telford Cat D1

Cat D1+E - Minibus towing a large trailer

You will need a Cat D1 before starting your Cat D1+E. You will need to pass Cat D1  and apply for a D1+E provisional. 


Licence Requirements

  • Must be 18 years +
  • Must hold a valid UK Driving Licence
  • We help you with your medical and D1 application 
  • We will book your theory tests and set up an online revision portal

Who should train? Why should I train?

Schools, colleges, universities, charities, community services, activity centres, Scouts, military, taxi companies, and many more organisations and professions may require you to have a D1 minibus licence.

You may be asked to transport people as part of your current job or you may wish to apply for employment that requires you to hold a D1 Minibus licence. If you already have a D1 with a ‘101’ restriction you will need to remove the restriction by completing the licence acquisition steps.

Our experienced team can help to guide you through the licencing requirements for transporting people.

The Process

Request your free application pack.



The pack will contain a guide and the relevant DVLA application forms.

Arrange a medical with a GP.


Apply for a Cat D1 provisional licence.


We will book your theory tests.



We will set up an online theory preparation portal .

You can complete a free assessment drive to discuss your course and try the vehicle. 

Decide training course duration. 

Choose your location and training/test dates.


Attend the driver training and test. 



If you will be driving professionally we will add a Driver CPC qualification. (DQC)


You are ready to start driving on your own.

What does the training include?

Free Training

We provide a free application pack which includes the DVLA forms for the medical exam and provisional application.

Free Training

We provide you with access to online theory revision portal.

Free Training

You must pass theory tests including Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception.

Free Training

Driver CPC Case Studies and Practical Demo Mod 4 will be required if you will be driving professionally.


We supply a new minibus for you to take your test in which is fitted with reversing cameras.

Free Training

We provide professional driver training to prepare you for the test.

Driving test

You will prepare and test at the same site. We operate our own DVSA test sites.