Cat D Bus / Coach Formally known as PSV or PCV 

We have 0% finance options and can offer Student Loans . 

The minimum age to apply is 18 and you must hold a valid UK driving license (car) please contact us for a free application pack. This will guide you through the following stages:

  • Step 1 Medical Exam You can use your own GP or we recommend www.ryminster.com/driver-medicals/ They have flexible appointments in different locations and offer great value.
  • Step 2 Provisional Application You will need to apply for a provisional Cat D using the forms we send you.
  • Step 3 Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception Mod 1 We will arrange your theory tests and provide you with excellent online learning material.
  • Step 4 Driver CPC Case Studies Mod 2 If you will be driving professionally we will arrange your Case Studies with your other theory tests.
  • Step 5 Driving Assessment (optional) We recommend visiting one of our sites and undertaking an assessment drive to determine the correct amount of practical lessons that you will need.
  • Step 6 Cat C Practical Training Mod 3 We will arrange a suitable course. This is 1:1 driver training and the practical DVSA test at Shropshire's only private site. 
  • Step 7 Driver CPC Practical Demo Mod 4 If you will be driving professionally we will arrange your practical demo training and test with your Cat D practical training course. 

We would advise you to use our free application pack because it includes everything you need and a step by step guide. It is designed to make the license acquisition process very quick, simple and an effective method to help gain your new license. 

The practical course is 1:1 and we usually recommend an intensive driver training course, we can be flexible operating in the evening and weekends to work around your busy schedule. We use brand new DAF LF training vehicles because they are very small, easy to drive and simple. They are all factory fitted with reversing cameras which aid you on the lessons and test. We have our own private test site meaning that we follow test routes and practice the maneuvers from the same site that you will take your test. A lot of providers train you in one town but then test you in another which we disagree with, that is why we set up shropshire's only private site. We have a lot of tests available at our site, this will keep your waiting time to a minimum and could speed up the process by 10 weeks. 

The Driver CPC will only be needed if you are driving professionally. If you need it we will add this to your training program and can also help you with a tachograph application. We will make sure everything is covered from your initial application to starting your new career. We are one of the only independent training providers in the UK with our own in-house DVSA Driver CPC Mod 4 examiner. We train you and test you at our site. Be aware of some providers who do this, if you are trained by the same person who tests you or does any other driver training with you before or after the Driver CPC this is not allowed and may have consequences. 

We will also help you with looking for your new job through out network of local employers and driving agencies. 

For more information about this course or to apply for a free application pack please contact info@dulsontraining.co.uk or call our team on 01952 770659

Our services can not be matched or beaten for quality and professionalism which is why we are one of the UK's largest driver training providers with our own DVSA private test site.