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What are we doing about Coronavirus

What are we doing about Coronavirus

You will be aware of the current media coverage about the threat or Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK.

We are taking this threat seriously and have put into place precautionary measures aiming to minimise the spread of the infection.

This include but are not limited to reinforcing the need to make sure everybody's personal hygiene practices are thorough.

Liaising with our customers, suppliers and business partners to make that we all adopt current government advice and best practice.

Making sure our staff and business partners have timely up to date information.

Reviewing our business structure and plans continuously to make sure the service we provide to customers is not interrupted.

We have included the latest link to the government advice on this post. We urge everyone to read the advice.

Customers, If you feel that you have any symptoms or may have been in contact to inform us and we will take appropriate action with your booking.