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Proud to do it right - Driver CPC

Proud to do it right - Driver CPC

Another week in the books and a great one at that. We are getting very excited to announce some of our new big projects that we have been working on in the next few weeks. 

Today we where credited with delivering Driver CPC Mod 4 tests with our own in-house assessor to such a high standard. We will be adding a second in-house assessor soon due to high demand and wanting flexibility for our customers. 

We are proud that our Driver CPC Mod 4 In-house Assessor was one of the first to do this in the UK. Having our own assessors allows us to be very flexible with arranging Mod 4 tests. The guidelines stipulate that you must conduct over 40 tests per annum to have your own in-house assessor. We conducted over 250 last year. 

We always ensure that we are delivering courses correctly. If you are going to take a Mod 4 test with an in-house assessor you can not come into contact with that assessor prior to taking the Mod 4 test.

This means that the assessor can not prepare you for the Mod 4 test. But it also means you can not do any driver training with the assessor until after your Mod 4 test. 
For example if you have a driving assessment or a driving lesson on a Cat C or Cat CE with the assessor then they can not conduct your Mod 4 test even if it is months later. 

This is why all driver training and Mod 4 training is completed by one of our team of instructors and then our in-house assessor Paul conducts the Mod 4 tests. 

The DVSA take will take action if people are not doing this correctly. They are monitoring this constantly. 

We have had 2 routine audits and have had excellent feedback both times. We are delivering the course effectively, our training rooms and designated training area have proved to meet and go beyond the criteria and our record keeping is perfect. 

We do not cut corners and always offer a reliable, friendly and professional training service to all of our valued customers. 

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