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Paramedic and Ambulance Cat C1 Driver Training in Shrewsbury and Telford

Paramedic and Ambulance Cat C1 Driver Training in Shrewsbury and Telford

We offer complete packages to help you gain your Cat C1 driving licence. The Cat C1 license is needed to drive a vehicle up to license ( 7.5 Ton ) 

The first step is to post you a free application pack, this contains everything you need to work through the steps. We will be there to support and assist you through the whole process. 

Once you receive your free application pack it will explain how to complete the following steps and it will contain the relevant DVSA application forms:

  • DVSA D4 Medical Exam (recommend GP and DVSA form included)
  • Cat C1 DVSA Provisional Application (DVSA form and guidance included)
  • Lorry Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception Theory Tests (we will book these and provide you with the revision you need) 

We can then arrange the Practical Cat C1 driver training and test. We have our one private test site meaning you can practice and test in familiar ground. We can also beat the 10 week test waiting list and usually have something available within 2 weeks. 

We provide a brand new Mercedes Sprinter 516, this is the same type of the vehicle the ambulance service use. It small, easy to drive and fitted with rear view reversing cameras. All training is 1:1, you don't share your time with someone else. The average course is 12 hours, this can be slit over 2 or 3 days. This increases the chance of passing the test the first time, we don't use an old vehicle that is slow and struggles to change gear.

We can arrange training to fit around your schedule, we do evenings, weekends, block bookings and intensive courses. 

For more information about our Cat C1 driver training courses in Shrewsbury or an free application pack please contact info@dulsontraining.co.uk