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My Online Periodic Driver CPC experience using Zoom

My Online Periodic Driver CPC experience using Zoom

My Online Periodic Driver CPC Training Experience and Review at Dulson Training Ltd.

With us all having been plunged into the coronavirus lockdown, Dulson Training diversified into delivering their periodic CPC training online instead of in their classrooms.  This makes it slightly cheaper for you and means you can complete your hours from your own home.

The booking process is straightforward and easy – done online through Dulson’s website.  You can select which module you’re interested in, a list of available dates for that module then appears starting with the soonest.  Then simply add to your basket and checkout.

Alternatively you can contact their booking team on 01952 770659 or info@dulsontraining.co.uk 

I went for the module covering Driver’s Hours, Working Time Directive and Tachograph Use.  It began at 8am on Zoom, with 15 of us signed in and ready to go.  Our trainer, Neil, was able to share his screen with us as he went through the presentation just as he would have if we were in the classroom.  All of us were involved, able to contribute and given plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  Scenarios could also be discussed with the other drivers on the course giving insight based on their own working experiences.

It can seem a lot to sit through whether at home or in the classroom!  Luckily, the day was carefully structured to give several breaks to grab a drink etc, and we had half an hour for lunch.

The presentation included lots of helpful examples, illustrations and video clips, which broke up the text and made the content a bit more lifelike.  I thought it worked really well in this alternative format, and saves you the time of travelling too.  Your training hours are then uploaded by Dulson’s in the usual way at the end of the course and an electronic certificate is produced.  


A note from Dulson Training Ltd

We continue to offer our JAUPT accredited online periodic training course. A list of topics and dates can be found at www.dulsontraining.co.uk where you can view and book your desired courses. It has been fantastic to diversify and take this part of our business online. With some website tweaks at the beginning of May to allow an easier navigation and enabling our new online booking process. We look forward to expanding this area with our vast range of classroom and practical training courses. 

The cost of our online Driver CPC course is £50 including upload fee, VAT and certificate. We are proud to deliver excellent courses with informative and interesting content delivered by experienced trainers. It is very easy to set up basic and poor online training, our company aim is to deliver outstanding customer service and we achieve this with our professional range of training courses.