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More Bootcamp funding for Free ADR and HGV Training

More Bootcamp funding for Free ADR and HGV Training

Training specialist Dulson Training is providing additional fully Government funded courses to get more HGV drivers qualified and on the road – but applicants must be approved and enrolled by the end of June.

It’s part of the Government’s HGV Skills Bootcamp Pathway scheme and means successful applicants can undergo their training for free provided they meet certain criteria. They must be aged 19 or over, can be employed or unemployed, must live in England and can only complete one of the pathway courses.

The programme was created to address the UK driver shortage and the additional funding approved for Dulson Training follows the firm’s successful participation in the first phase of the scheme. Dulson Training has centres in Shrewsbury, Telford, Ludlow, Shifnal and Wrexham.

Steve Dulson, of Dulson Training, said: “After successfully delivering Pathways A, B, E and F earlier this year and seeing hundreds of learners achieve success and gain qualifications, we are delighted to have been backed for additional funding.

“Although Pathway A, Category C licence acquisition, and Pathway B, car to category C+E licence acquisition, are now fully allocated, the new additional funding is allowing us to increase the number of opportunities for Pathways E,F,H and I.

“Pathway E focuses on HGV driver ADR without tanks, including optional 21-hour Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training. This covers lorries carrying dangerous goods – things like fertilisers and bottled gases. Pathway F covers HGV driver ADR with tanks and includes optional 28-hour Driver CPC, allowing the applicant to work towards a qualification to drive things like petrol tankers.

“Every driver must complete 35 hours Driver CPC every five years, so a big chunk of that can be taken up on these courses. A qualification in both these pathways lasts for five years.

“Pathway H is for those drivers who have a Category C or C+E licence and require refresher training. It may be that they have been out of the industry for a while or are newly qualified and want to improve their skill level. It focuses on general driving, things like reversing, uncoupling and so on.

“Pathway I provides training and testing necessary to upgrade your licence to Category C+E. Holding a Category C licence is a minimal requirement when applying for Pathways E, F, H or I.”

Mr Dulson said all funding was subject to application and anyone interested should in the first instance email info@dulsontraining.co.uk for a form, which will be returned via email.

“The applicant submits the form and a decision is then made whether or not they meet the criteria,” said Mr Dulson. It’s quite a quick process and we are looking at completing these courses quite quickly.

“The courses are fully funded and these opportunities don’t come around very often – but it is time sensitive. Courses must be started by June 30th so there is little time to delay. The driver must get their application in, it has to be approved, the applicant enrolled and course instigated by then.”

For more information about Dulson Training, call Telford 01952 770659, Shrewsbury 01743 709611, Wrexham 01978 805868, or visit the website at: https://www.dulsontraining.co.uk/.