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LGV Driver Apprenticeship is set to split

LGV Driver Apprenticeship is set to split

LGV Apprenticeship set to split

The Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver Apprenticeship is set to change. This summer will see the scheme replaced with two alternatives. One will include category C+E licence while the other will be based on urban driving, only including a category C licence. 

The split follows widespread criticism that the current standard is not fit for purpose as it only offers a category C licence, even though most operators need drivers with a category C+E licence.

Duncan Buchanan, RHA policy director, welcomed the change, but he went on to criticise the amount of time it has taken. Duncan said: “It has been a mission from hell to convince bureaucrats that the transport sector needs two LGV apprenticeships.

“We and others in the industry have been pushing very hard for this outcome for years and it is lamentable that it has taken so long, particularly when the industry has paid so many millions into the Apprenticeship Levy.

“This delay has been particularly frustrating because it is self-evident that an apprenticeship that trains to cat C+E standards is badly needed in an industry suffering a severe driver shortage.

“Even now there is no clear end date [for the launch], so while we are hopeful that this will happen by the summer, bearing in mind previous delays, we are exercising a cautious optimism.”

Dulson Training are proud members of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and see these changes as a positive and embrace the needs of the sector when providing driver training and apprenticeships. 

These are not the only changes coming up for apprenticeships within Dulson Training Shropshire, we look forward to see the results of progress that has been made in 2019 on our new LGV / HGV Class 2 and Class 1 licence acquisition program.

Steve Dulson, Dulson Training Ltd Managing Director, is exited to start the new decade with so many options and new courses being added to our program to deliver and even more dynamic approach to driver training.