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How do I get my Driver CPC DQC card?

How do I get my Driver CPC DQC card?

Driver CPC was introduced in the UK for professional drivers of PSV (09/09/08) and HGV (09/09/09) vehicles. To drive professionally you will need a Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

Get Qualified - Initial Qualification 

To gain your (DQC) you will need to pass the Mod 2 and Mod 4 tests. You need to pass the Mod 2 test before you can take the Mod 4 test. 

Mod 2 - Case Studies, a computer based 50 question multiple choice test that can be booked at any Pearson centre in the UK. Contact: 0300 2001122 Cost: £23 no VAT. We recommend preparing for this test by setting up an online account at www.dtsanytime.co.uk 

Mod 4 - Practical Demonstration, a practical test without any driving. We will prepare you for this test using our load demonstration equipment and vehicles. We have in-house DVSA assessors who will test you the same day as your training. The training and test can all be completed within 1 day. 

Cost: Training £205 + VAT + DVSA Test Fee £55 no VAT. 

Once you have passed the Mod 4 test you will receive your DQC and can start driving professionally. 

Stay Qualified - Periodic Training 

Once you receive your DQC card you will have 5 years before it expires. To keep your card up to date you will need to complete 35 hours (5 days) of classroom training within that 5 years. We recommend completing 7 hours (1 day) per year. We have a large range of topics to choose from including Emergency First Aid, Drivers Hours and Vulnerable Road Users.  

Cost: per 7 Hours £55.21 + VAT + DVSA upload fee £8.75 no VAT.

The Emergency First Aid course can be used as 7 hours Driver CPC and certificated separately as a qualification for an additional £10. 

We run these courses throughout the year at various locations including Hortonwood, Telford, Battlefield, Shrewsbury and Rodenhurst Business Park, High Ercall. These can also be delivered as a group booking at your location anywhere in the UK. In 2019 we delivered these courses everywhere from Cardiff, Wales, to Edinburgh, Scotland. 

If you held a LGV or PSV licence including on acquired rights before the introduction of Driver CPC you automatically received your first 5 year cycle of Driver CPC. If you have completed any Periodic Training you can not do the Initial Qualification. If you have not completed any Periodic Training you can choose to do the 35 hours Periodic Training or the initial Qualification to gain your DQC. 

For more information about our JAUPT Driver CPC courses please contact our Telford or Shrewsbury training team on 01952 770659 or info@dulsontraining.co.uk