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HGV Success for Dean in Shrewsbury and Telford

HGV Success for Dean in Shrewsbury and Telford

Dean started this process with a simple idea, to gain his Cat C+E Class 1 HGV licence. 

Dean chose Dulson Training and let us lead the process step by step from the initial enquiry to adding the new licence category. 

After initial contact with Pat we sent a free application pack to Dean, this contained everything Dean needed to work his way through the initial stages. 

Step 1 - arranging a medical assessments with d4drivers.co.uk in Shrewsbury for the DVLA medical report, this was processed using a 'D4' form that we provided and sent to the DVLA in Swansea. 

Step 2 - when sending the 'D4' to DVLA Dean used the 'D2' to apply for a Cat C provisional entitlement. Both forms where supplied by us and sent together to the DVLA.

Step 3 - DVLA processed Dean's licence and added the Cat C provisional category.The next step was to contact our office and let us know the licence had been returned. 

Step 4- we arranged the LGV Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception Theory Tests and set up and online account to help Dean prepare for these tests. 

Step 5 - success Dean passed both tests and was now ready to get in the LGV Cat C Class 2 truck.

Step 6 - Dean arranged to meet us, discuss the training course and have a go in the truck that he would be learning in. This is offered to everyone at no cost. Dean was Impressed with what we where offering and after meeting us understood we had the same intention as him to get a pass.

Step 7 - Dean arranged a 4 day course and test with us in Shrewsbury, its was a great week and ended with a 1st time pass. 

Step 8 - Dean sent his licence to the DVLA to have the Cat C entitlement added, this automatically added the Cat C+E provisional. 

Step 9 - Dean was offered another free assessment but this time in the HGV Class 1, after a looking into this course it was decided he would do it as quickly as possible. 

Step 10 - Dean was offered a 4 day course in Shrewsbury but really wanted to get the course completed as quickly as possible. After discussion Dean decided to book a 4 day course at our Telford site. Usually back to back courses are booked at the same site but due to time restrictions Dean was happy to change location. The result was the same a 1st time HGV Class 1 pass. 

Step 11 - Dean decided to obtain his Driver CPC by completing 35 hours of online periodic training using zoom. 

Step 12  - done, HGV Cat C Class 2, Cat C+E Class 1 and Driver CPC all completed and everything passed 1st time. 

Here is what Dean had to say about his experience with Dulson Training: 

What a team you have behind you.
Please pass on my thanks to Dave (your ex Police Instructor) for getting me through my Class 2 to allow me to go forward for my Class One - superb instructor.
I would like you also to please to thank Stewart who today with  I passed my Class One.
Again another awesome instructor who got me out of a difficult  situation on the live test [Stuart mentioned on a fag break during training — if you come across difficulty in removing the fith wheel lock after removing the pin take a slight shunt].
Nervous as hell I took Stuarts advise, it worked - awesome and I think examiner was impressed we could move forward with rest of the test - fifth wheel lock removed  it worked perfectly - and no minors for my actions., so assume examiner was impressed.
10/10 Stuart.
Ended with three minors and a pass.
Thanks also have to go out other members of you Team, Rosemary - What a CPC  presenter - enjoyed it.
Haley & Pat - awesome Ladies made the whole process of joining ,participating [via Zoom]  so easy.
Shall recommend you guys going forward without issue.
Thank you for you and your Team awesome job.

Many thanks Dean, congratulations and we thank you for your feedback and custom.