Dulson Training



We hold various information and data on our customers. The information we hold is only used for the purpose of communication and trading and is processed and stored securely within our organisation. It is used by Dulson Training Limited employees. 


If you do not wish us to hold your data on file please contact us in writing. 


In compliance with general data protection regulation (GDPR) we will keep your date secure and only store it for as long as necessary and only for the purposes of our current business association. 


Once data is no longer required we will destroy it securely after 7 years, which allows us to keep any information  that could be legally required as a business.  


You have the right to access any data we hold for you at any time.


We would like to retain your data on file for future communication. We keep a minimum of information on our customer/supplier system and will only contact you when absolutely necessary . If you would like us to remove your information at any time please contact us in writing. If you are happy for us to continue holding your data there is no need to contact us.