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Fantastic Dulson Training Zoom Remote Driver CPC Review

Fantastic Dulson Training Zoom Remote Driver CPC Review

I really wanted to thank you for another brilliant course. As much as I hate DCPC training, Rosemary is by far the best trainer I have encountered. I especially loved her first aid course. Despite the start of today`s course being painfully problematic, none of which was Rosemary's fault, Rosemary still delivered a brilliant lesson. 

Rosemary stays on topic, without veering wildly off on a tangent, keeps the lesson moving, and doesn't let the banter get out of control. I am hugely impressed and I was delighted to discover that Rosemary was taking today's course, she puts on a great show and the bouts of humour make it a lot more enjoyable. 

Dulsons training material also seems to be of a higher standard as well. More informative and relevant, which I really appreciate. I wish I had turned to Dulsons sooner. In future, should I ever need more DCPC training, Dulsons will be my first option. 

Please feel free to use my comments / opinions / ramblings as a review on your website, if you wish to do so. 

Thanks ever so much ! 
Kind regards to all. 

Vicky Francis