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Dulson's enjoy the chase for perfection!

Dulson's enjoy the chase for perfection!

Dulson Training Ltd have offered professional and reliable driver training packages for decades. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to provide an exceptional standard.

Throughout the UK LGV pass rates often hover in the 40% range, we could not sleep at night knowing we delivered these results. Our pass rates are consistently over 85%. This week we have completed 39 vocational and operator tests at our different Shropshire training sites and off site and customer locations with 32 passes. This was a below average week for us achieving a pass rate of 82%

Some consolation with some of the fails has been one test with no driving faults but a simple but costly mistake as the test finished resulted in a fail in Telford, the examiners comments ‘I can not believe you forgot to check your trailer lights where working because that was an exceptional drive’

When completing the coupling exercise on a HGV Cat C+E Class 1 you must ask the examiner for some assistance to check your trailer lights are working before attempting to take the vehicle on the road.

Another driver who was a natural driver and very talented behind the wheel unfortunately made a similar mistake on the Cat C+E Class 1 coupling exercise in Shrewsbury. An almost perfect drive but when coupling to the trailer did not check the trailer was physically attached by completing a ‘tug test’ this was another costly error after doing a practice run perfectly just 10 minutes beforehand.

Everyone who completed a course this week was test ready but sometimes nerves take control or a simple lack of concentration. We are confidant and sleep easy that we prepared every driver and operator with the tools they needed to stand an incredibly high chance of passing the test.

Honesty is the best policy, we can claim 100% pass rates but this is real life. We can only develop and never give up on the goals in sight.

We continually develop and assess test results looking for any weak areas or reoccurring faults. We our proud to say that everyday we improve our service, a service that is already at an exceptionally high standard.

Our facilities, equipment, maintenance structure and instructors set an incredible standard. We are proud to deliver these standards and take comfort that many other training providers follow our example. It is fair to say that any initiative or program once seen is attempted to be emulated by other training providers. Fortunately for us from the outside you can not see the inner workings or effort that goes into these programs. This could be LGV training, Driver CPC JAUPT approval or our instructor academy. Although copied they are never able to match us and while this is happening we are already developing, improving and setting the standard even higher. The work never stops and the passion burns strong. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of our customers past, present and future and our ever expanding team for working so hard to fulfil our reputation as being the only name you need for driver and operator training. #teamdulson

Proud to be chased but never caught!