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Dulson Training Open COVID-19

Dulson Training Open COVID-19

Dulson Training - Open For Business (Please Read) 

Driving tests cancelled 19th and 20th March Nationwide.

We are still here and operating.  

It certainly is a tough time for the UK economy. After a few days of mixed messages and rumours we finally had testing stopped yesterday. For how long, we do not know. 

The official announcement only a few hours ago from gov.uk was, nationwide all driving tests on the 19th and 20th March have been cancelled. There is no news beyond this and we are awaiting the next update. We have been told that tests on Sat 21st March, we have 4, are not cancelled and that we should continue to train and prepare learners for these tests. They have announced all theory tests have been cancelled for 1 month. 

Over these few days we have lost 17 driving tests in Wrexham, Telford and Shrewsbury. 

We are uncertain about the situation over the next few months, as many businesses will suffer and ultimately stop trading completely. We have already laid out our internal plans and structure to manage this very difficult situation. We will weather this rough storm and continue to trade as and when we can and prepare ourselves for an expected boom in driving tests when the pandemic turns a corner and things start to return to normal. 

LGV drivers are and always will be ‘Key Workers’ the nation needs them and the demand for drivers is only growing. Due to year on year growth we have already invested over £150000 in 2020 to improve our services and increase our fleet number. Adding 3 new training vehicles and 3 new trailers. These are to keep up with demand and offer a more flexible service to our customers. We will need all of this equipment and more when things return to normal. 

Not only will testing resume and drivers will need to be trained but we will also have any back log from any lost tests at this time. We have lost 17 tests in just a few days, so if this continues for weeks or months there will be hundreds of drivers wanting to test that have not had the opportunity. Our infrastructure is robust and will cope with this, most will not. We are already purchasing extra tests for summer across our different training sites. 

This is the time to support local business, yesterday we paid all of our suppliers up to date. Nothing outstanding, nothing owed. They can not function without payment. After discussing this with a few of them they are already concerned that people have stopped paying them as they get ready for a quiet period. We need them, they need us, we need you. It is a simple cycle. 

Our offices are still open. Please call us, we are here to discuss your training requirements and help you to start the process. We are open and trading as normal with extra precautions. Many of our staff our working from home where possible, please phone instead of calling in to see us. 

We are taking bookings, we still have tests and courses available. Although we are monitoring any government announcements and guidance. We are still holding regular Driver CPC courses with extra precautions. Do you need to get back on the road? The UK is shouting for drivers more than ever before. 

If you have a licence that has not been used for some time or you are a recent pass requiring some additional training or confidence we offer a Truck + course. These can be booked and are designed to build confidence and skill in any vehicle type before returning or entering the workplace. Maybe its some Class 1 reversing?

Do you have a caravan or motorhome? Do you have the correct licence type? Do you struggle with confidence towing and reversing? We offer courses on your equipment or ours to improve your towing and driving skills. These can be booked now. 

Our FLT, 4wd, HIAB and Yard Shunter course are still available to book. Do you need a Driver CPC Mod 4, we did 8 of these yesterday and continue to offer this service? 

Anyone who arranges training and is affected by COVID-19 will not loose any fee, the course will be transferred to a suitable date. All training can be booked now for later in the year or purchased in a voucher format to be redeemed at a suitable time. Please continue to support us, the need for LGV drivers is not going to disappear. We will not ask you to pay anything now if you do not want to for future courses, if you book your training now dates will be scheduled and the situation monitored. Please be aware if you pay for a service or goods in any sector the company you have paid may not be trading when you come to redeem your purchase. This is going to be a very difficult time for a lot of UK business and many will not survive it. 

We are an established company that has grown year on year to become one of the UK’s largest and most professional training providers. We are without argument a leading S LGV training provider with the scale to manage this situation. This is proven with our leadership in the sector, volume of tests and watching others try to follow our initiatives and ideas. Copied but not matched!

If tests do not go ahead over the next few weeks or even months we will spend this time supporting our amazing team We are already planning and improving our service for when things start to return to normal. We expect the catch up to be on a big scale and we will be ready for it already booking extra testing days throughout the summer. 

Anyone who know us understands the effort that has been placed into Dulson Training Ltd and the growth it has had over the last 10 years. We will weather this storm and come out the other side a better and more proficient training provider. The government aid is currently not going to help us very much. The grants available will only cover our costs for 1 week, when its expected to be up to 3 months before we start returning to normal. This is why we ask you to continue to support, enquire and make bookings with us. Our costs for business rates, a fleet of insurance, tax, maintenance, business insurance, staff, subscriptions, affiliations, rent etc weekly is far beyond the government help. 

We are here to support our staff. All who have been amazing, supportive and faithful knowing that although many companies will suffer or even close we will see this out and be back to normal hopefully within a few months. 

Lets call the last 10 years Part 1. 

Lets call the next 10 years Part 2. 

Part 2 is going to be amazing!

A big thank you to all our team, for their understanding and support. 






















Planning has started, government announcements are being monitored and Dulson Training Ltd part 2 is coming in strong. 



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Steve Dulson

Managing Director 

Dulson Training Ltd