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Driver CPC Initial Qualification Module 2 and Module 4 Shropshire

Driver CPC Initial Qualification Module 2 and Module 4 Shropshire

Initial Qualification Driver CPC Mod 2 and Mod 4

If you wish to become a professional lorry or bus driver you will need a ‘Driver Certificate of Professional Competence’ (Driver CPC) Qualification Card.

If you have never held or completed any Driver CPC you will need the Initial Qualification also known as a Mod 2 and Mod 4.

Step 1 - Mod 2 Case Studies

Please contact Pearson (DVLA) on 0300 200 1122 and ask to book the Driver CPC Case Studies Test. You will need your driving licence number and credit/debit card details ready. The cost is £23. Depending on your licence type they may have to do an entitlement check which can take up to 10 days.

We recommend preparing for the test by creating an online learning account at https://

You can book at any theory test centre nationwide. It will be 50 multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 40 correct answers.

Step 2 - Mod 4 Practical Demo - In-house at Dulson Training Ltd with our own DVSA examiner.

Once you have passed the Case Studies we can arrange your Practical Demonstration test.
We supply the vehicle for the training and test. The test is 30 minutes and the pass mark is 80%.

We can usually arrange these courses within a few days of you passing the Case Studies because we have a dedicated vehicle, trainer and in-house DVSA examiner. Tests can be at anytime including weekday, evenings or weekends. The cost is £205 + VAT for the training and vehicle use and £55 DVSA upload fee. (Total £301)

Once you have passed the Initial Qualification Mod 2 and Mod 4 you can start driving professionally and will receive a certificate on the day and have a Driver CPC Qualification card posted to you. This card will expire in 5 years. You will need to complete 35 hours classroom based periodic training to keep the card up to date within the 5 years.

If you have ever held a Driver CPC you can not do the Initial Qualification. You will need the periodic training to renew your qualification.

We hold Driver CPC periodic training almost every week, we do weekdays and weekends. We have a big range of topics and our courses are informative and interesting. We provide a complimentary buffet lunch when attending a course at our training centre. We can also deliver these courses nationwide at your premises.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.