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Class 2 HGV Driver Training Shrewsbury

Class 2 HGV Driver Training Shrewsbury

We have added another Cat C (Class 2) driver training vehicle to our fleet. This takes us up to 6 DAF's Euro 5 or newer with 3 new Euro 6 already on the fleet. 

We like the DAF LF55 because its very small and easy to drive. Its fitted with cab comforts such as comfort seats, AC, cruise control and lane assist. We have also added reversing cameras and they are all fully automatic. This make driving them very easy, the lorry changes gear for you but this wont restrict your licence. If you pass using the Cat C Automatic you ill still receive a full manual driving licence. 

We can arrange the whole process for you, the first step is to post a free application pack. This will assist you with medical and provisional application. We can then arrange your theory tests using our pre booked slots. Once you pass the theory test we can organise the practical driver training course and test. We operate our own private test site. This allows you to practice and test in Shrewsbury and we can also beat the 10 week waiting list and usually have tests available within a few weeks. 


For more information or a free application pack please contact our team on 07792 445 221 or info@dulsontraining.co.uk