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Apprenticeship LGV Driver

Apprenticeship LGV Driver

LGV Driver Apprenticeships

Driving Apprenticeships 

FACT: There is a UK Driver Shortage!

According to a new survey, the driver shortage is a bigger cause for concern to the industry in 2018 than it was last year.


We have an answer: Train them for Free!

Dulson Training Ltd are offering free HGV driver training to companies through a new apprenticeship scheme. You can get a new Class 2 or Class 1 driver trained in a range of skills that your business needs. This will either be for free or 90% funded. Not only will the new Class 2 or Class 1 driver qualify for their initial Driver CPC, they will also complete the full 35 hours of periodic training. This means you will get a 10 year Driver CPC qualified driver at the end of the process. This scheme is available for adults of all ages and both current or new employees aged 18 and over. T&C’s Apply.

The apprentice LGV driving program are government backed training programs that are designed to help the driver, the employer and the haulage industry.