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2017 VW Tiguan SOM / Learner / Trailer Tests / Car Tests

2017 VW Tiguan SOM / Learner / Trailer Tests / Car Tests

The latest addition to the Dulson Training Ltd fleet is a brand new VW Tiguan Manual. This vehicle will be used for School of Motoring SOM. After a lot of research we feel this is the perfect car to learn in. It offers far better visability than the lower cars like a Golf. Its actually a similar length and width but just taller meaning better visability and comfort. Its fitted with all the luxurys you would expect from a premium brand car like AC, Crusie and Heated Seats. 

It also features built in SATNAV and Cameras. With the new December rules asking learners to use a SAT NAV on test this is an essential addition. This is an extremly safe car to drive and is a pleasure behind the wheel. It has some excellent features like an electronic park brake, apply when you stop and then just drive away when you ready. This also holds on a hill, so rolling back is now a thing of the past. We will be mainly doing intensive courses and not hour to hour. 

A test will be allocated and then a full program of lessons built around that test which could be all within 1 week. You will be learning with a fully qualified DVSA ADI instructor who is also a recently qualified Car, Trailer and HGV Examiner. So he understands better than anyone what the examiners are looking for when your on test. 


Dulson Training Ltd is dedicated to the best customer service possible, our equipment, instructors and facilities are extensive. We have off road practice areas for under 17's and first lesson drivers. We recommend an assesment before booking a course to asess how many leesons would be recommended. 


The normal car test structure is 1 hour or 40 minutes per lesson, we dont feel that this offers the best results. To much time is wasted traveling to and from the pick up points. 1 hour is hardly long enough for the driver to find their flow. We recommend 4 hour lessons with a brak half way through. This should allow you to make huge progres sin just a few days and even take your test within a week of strating your lessons. 


For more information please contact: info@dulsontraining.co.uk