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Monthly Payment Plans to spread the cost on Driver Training

Monthly Payment Plans to spread the cost on Driver Training

We are pleased to offer 0% APR finance packages over 12 months on most of our training courses. This is subject to status and T&C’s apply. You or someone on your behalf can apply for the finance package.

How does it work?

Once you have carefully chosen what training course you want to book you will need to contact us. We will do an online credit application. If this is approved and you wish to proceed we will need a non-refundable deposit. We will email you the loan T&C’s and credit agreement immediately.

We will not process your application for 14 days, during this time you can contact us in writing to cancel your credit application.
If you do not cancel your credit application within the 14 days your loan will be processed.

Once the credit application is approved we will contact you to arrange your practical training course.

Can I apply?

The minimum age is 18 years. You must have a gross annual income of over £5000, 3 years accurate UK address history and not currently bankrupt, have any IVA’s or CCJ’s. You must have a card to pay the non-refundable deposit and a bank or building society that you can use for direct debit payments. Some one can apply for the credit on your behalf but they will need to contact us.

How do the payments work?

If your credit application is successful and you want to proceed we will need a non- refundable deposit. Once the loan is processed you will pay 12 monthly 0% APR repayments from your bank or building society. You can pay higher repayments or pay offthe loan early with no penalty charge. If you prefer you can pay for part of your course in full and then arrange finance for the remaining amount.

Please note that the non refundable deposit is calculated at 12% of the credit amount. The 12% is an additional charge and the credit is then repaid with 0% APR over 12 months. You would save the 12% if you paid for your course in full.


Training Course £1000 Non-refundable Deposit (12%) £120 Term 12 Months
APR 0%
Monthly repayments £83.33
Total Payable £1120

If you would like more information about the finance package or if you would like to apply please contact us.