DAF LF55 For Sale

We have one of our 2010 Cat C training vehicles for sale. We have a new vehicle arriving next month. This 55LF is in excellent condition. Fully Automatic and very easy to drive. Ideal for Driver Training or General use. Please contact us for more details [email protected]


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Another Euro 6 DAF

We have added another new DAF LF to our fleet. The vehicle is in the final stages of preparation. It will be hitting the road 1st September 2017. Its very comfortable, small and easy to drive. Fitted with reverse cameras, fully automatic transmission, AC and comfort seats. 

Using the latest generation Euro 6 emissions engine showing our commitment to the environment. Supplied by Greenhous Commercials Shrewsbury, this vehicle will be on display at Lowest Truck Show in December. 

Taking your Cat C test in this brand new 12000kg DAF Auto will still give you an unrestricted Manual License. 

If you would like any more information about our Cat C driving courses and packages please contact our friendly team. HGV Lorry training in Shrewsbury Telford and North Wales

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Automatic Trailer Lessons and Test

We are pleased to say we can now offer lessons and test using an Automatic tow vehicle for trailer tests Cat BE.

If you pass on an auto you will be restricted to driving auto only, so a the manual course is more popular. But some people do prefer the auto option. If you passed your Cat B (Car) test in an auto you have no choice and will have to use an auto for the trailer test.


We use a brand new top of the range Vito Sport 200bhp Automatic. Its a pleasure to drive, has rear windows to aid vision, reversing camera, heated setas, AC, cruise and pulls the trailer really well. Its also easy to reverse. You will be pulling a brand new Ifor Williams twin axle box trailer. 

We offer different course lengths, have our own provate test centre (the only one in the area) and have our own DVSA designated M4 examiner.


Dulson Training Ltd


The only name you need

HGV / PSV / Car / Trailer / Driver CPC


[email protected]

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2017 VW Tiguan SOM / Learner / Trailer Tests

The latest addition to the Dulson Training Ltd fleet is a brand new VW Tiguan Manual. This vehicle will be used for School of Motoring SOM. After a lot of research we feel this is the perfect car to learn in. It offers far better visability than the lower cars like a Golf. Its actually a similar length and width but just taller meaning better visability and comfort. Its fitted with all the luxurys you would expect from a premium brand car like AC, Crusie and Heated Seats. 

It also features built in SATNAV and Cameras. With the new December rules asking learners to use a SAT NAV on test this is an essential addition. This is an extremly safe car to drive and is a pleasure behind the wheel. It has some excellent features like an electronic park brake, apply when you stop and then just drive away when you ready. This also holds on a hill, so rolling back is now a thing of the past. We will be mainly doing intensive courses and not hour to hour. 

A test will be allocated and then a full program of lessons built around that test which could be all within 1 week. You will be learning with a fully qualified DVSA ADI instructor who is also a recently qualified Car, Trailer and HGV Examiner. So he understands better than anyone what the examiners are looking for when your on test. 


Dulson Training Ltd is dedicated to the best customer service possible, our equipment, instructors and facilities are extensive. We have off road practice areas for under 17's and first lesson drivers. We recommend an assesment before booking a course to asess how many leesons would be recommended. 


The normal car test structure is 1 hour or 40 minutes per lesson, we dont feel that this offers the best results. To much time is wasted traveling to and from the pick up points. 1 hour is hardly long enough for the driver to find their flow. We recommend 4 hour lessons with a brak half way through. This should allow you to make huge progres sin just a few days and even take your test within a week of strating your lessons. 


For more information please contact: [email protected]




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NFU Member Discount

We are pleased to annouce that we are a NFU Member partner. We offer a 10% discount on practical trailer training for all NFU Members. You must provide your NFU Membership number when booking a course. 

We provide brand new Nissan Navara with 360 degree camera system and brand new twin axle Ifor Williams Box Trailers. This is the ideal comonation, easy to tow, easy to reverse and fitted with all the luxury extras to make your time with us the best that it can be. 

We offer higher quality training equipment than any other local provider, we have our own full size practice area, we have our own privarte DVSA test centre so you can practice where you test. We are also one of the only providers in the UK who have our own designated M4 exainer. We have acces to more tests because we have our own facility and we can usually arrange a course a test within 14 days because we have a large selction of vehicles, instructors and pre booked driving tests. 

Simply Dulson Training Ltd can and will offer you whatt no one else locall can. Dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We ask every one to complete a feedback form and have regular staff meeting to establish any areas that need improving.

DULSON TRAINING LTD - The only name you need!

[email protected]

07792 445 221



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DVSA Qualified Examiner at Dulson Training Ltd

We are very pleased to annouce that one of our team has now completed his internal DVSA training to qualify as a designated examiner at Dulson Training Ltd. We are one of the only organisations in the UK with internal examiner status. This continues to demonstrate our commitment to progress and our custmer service. 

The designated examiner role means that on certain courses we are able to teach and test in house with no external examiner present. Add this to our own private test facility we really are proving that we are sector leaders. You can learn with brand new, top of the range training equipment, then test and with us on our own personal site. This sets us far apart from anyone else locally. We dont practice in public car parks with amke shift cones. We are professional and will always offer you the best service possible. For more information about any of our courses please contact us: [email protected] 07792 445 221 

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Driver CPC Course 22nd June

We have added the 22nd June. This will be at our Shrewsbury centre starting at 7.30am. We are dedicated tpo offering effective training courses where you not only add 7 hour of CPC but you also gain from the experince. We use electronic hand held devices (optional) throughout the course which will record your progress. Then you can receive a private evaluation score. 

For more information please contact us:

07792 445 221

[email protected]

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Our new Nissan a huge success!!

Our new towing vehicle for the Cat BE (Car & Trailer Test) really stands out!


This week we added a new Nissan Navara to the fleet. So far its been in for sign wrighting and 2 tests. Both tests where a success. So far the vehicle has a 100% pass rate record - long may it conitnue. The feedback has been great, we are always careful when sourcing new vehicles. We want them to look and perform well but always top of our list is customer satisfaction. We tested many vehicles and found the Navara to be very comfortable and easy to drive. The large engine pulls the new Ifor Williams twin axle box trailer with ease.  It performed well with better lock than its rivals and a really clever 360 camera system. At all times you can see in real time whats around you, this is really usefull when reversing. The reversing camera makes the hitching really simple. A few other stand out points are:

Full Leather / Air Con / Lots Of Power / Reversing Camera (can be used on test) / Heated Seats / 360 Cameras / Euro 6 Technology / Smooth Drive / Comfortable Electrically Adjusted Seats / Lots Of Safety Features / Good Visability / Easy to Reverse / Easy To Use Controls


We offer trailer courses to help you pass the test or just to improve your skills. You may already hold the correct licence but need to improve your skill when towing and reversing. 


If you passed your car test post 1997 you will need be able to tow a large trailer or caravan. You need to pass a test, we offer full packages to help you achieve this. We supply the vehicle, trailer and test. We operate in partnership with the DVSA Shropshire's only private customer site. This means you can train and test at Dulson Training Ltd.


For more inforation please dont hesitate to contact our team - Dulson Training Ltd - The only name you need.....


[email protected]

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Cheap Trailer Tests!


If you are a confident driver with a lot of towing experience you may be interested in our new shared course. This course is short, sharp and very cost effective. A full training course including test for just £357.50 + VAT

During the course we will cover the reversing and coupling manoeuvres as well as the majority of the popular test routes. If you are new to towing then this course will not work for you. 

We still supply the vehicle and trailer and a pre-booked test slot. The course training time will be shared with someone else. We can pair you with someone but ideally you would book the course with a friend or family member. This is a 2 day training course. 

if you do not think this course is the right choice for you we also offer an intermediate and beginner 1:1 training course.

We are Shropshires largest training provider operating 3 x Cat BE training vehicles and trailers and pre booking thousands of tests.

If the trailer licence is something you have been thinking about now is the time to do it. More and more people are being caught who are avoiding the test. 

In Shrewsbury, so easy access from Telford Oswestry Wrexham Newtown Welshpool Midlands Shropshire Cheshire Powys

For more information please contact our team [email protected]


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We will be running Driver CPC periodic training courses from our Shropshire site on the follwing dates:

March 18th

April 1st 

April 29th

May 9-13th

June 3rd

June 17th

These dates are filling up fast with limited spaces left. Additional dates are being planned. For more details please contact us. 

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