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Car and Trailer - Cat B (CAR)

Course Information

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be nerve racking and exciting, so most people want to gain their Cat B car licence as soon as possible. Our automatic or manual intensive courses are designed to help you pass quickly, cost effectively, safely, and within a short time frame.

Once you have passed your theory and completed an initial 2 hour lesson we will build a course designed to prepare you for a first time pass with intensive lessons.

If you are under 17 we offer off road young driver training to help you to gain confidence behind the wheel before getting on the road. We have a large site with road markings to allow you to safely practice driving without going on the road. Our instructors will calmly and informatively build your confidence.

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learn to drive automatic car lessons in Shrewsbury and Telford

Licence Requirements

  • Must be 17 years old
  • Must hold a current provisional UK Driving Licence

Who should train? Why should I train?

Dulson Training offer lessons and testing for people learning to drive and who would like to gain a standard UK car licence.

We have an exceptionally high pass rate and help new drivers of all ages to get on the road safely and with confidence.

Whether you want to learn to drive for work or social reasons, Dulson Training can help to get you behind the wheel.

The Process

Apply for your provisional licence.
Start preparing for your theory test.


Take your theory test.


Arrange a 2 hour lesson to determine how many hours you need.
Book a driving test.
Arrange an intensive training course.

What does the training include?

Free Training

Our team will help you to complete all the necessary paperwork, including medical forms and provisional licence requirements.

Free Training

We will provide unlimited access to our online portal and everything you need to prepare for the test.

Free Training

We can deliver training in one of our Automatic or Manual cars.

Free Training

We can deliver training in your car, automatic or manual.