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HGV / LGV - Cat C+E - Class 1

Course Information

Before starting the Cat C+E you must already hold the Cat C, Class 2. Once you pass the Cat C DVLA will process and update your licence. This usually takes around 10 days, you can then start your Cat C+E.

We offer an optional 30 minute free driving assessment. We invite you to visit one of our sites and find out more about us, the course and have a go. This will help you decide which is the best course duration for you. 

We supply easy to drive new vehicles and we arrange the test for you. We have some standard set courses with excellent pass rates to choose from or you can arrange training lesson by lesson. 

We offer training courses and tests in Shrewsbury, Telford, Wrexham and Wolverhampton. Lessons are available weekdays and weekends and we have access to hundreds of tests at our own private DVSA testing sites. 

The 90 minute Cat C test will include road driving, reversing, coupling and some safety questions. The minimum age is 18 and you must hold a UK driving licence and Cat C. 

4 Day Standard Course - Recommended for most people, this is our most popular option. 

Low rate finance packages available to spread the costs. T&C's apply. 

If you would like any more information or to discuss course or free assessment dates please confirm which location and duration of course you prefer or contact us:

Head Office 01952 770659  

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We have a large fleet of new and easy to drive Euro 6 DAF CF's and tandem axle trailers. We provide these for the lessons and test. We picked DAF because they are simple, easy to drive and reliable. Fitted with fully automatic gearboxes like most new trucks (you will still get a manual licence) and reversing cameras to make your time behind the wheel as easy and safe as possible. Euro 6 is the highest emissions standard and we are proud to reduce our carbon footprint.


If you already hold a Cat C+E Class 1 and you have not used your licence for a period of time and are entering the industry we offer

Refresher courses

HGV Class 1 Driver Training Shrewsbury, Telford, Wrexham

    Licence Requirements

    • You must be 18 years +
    • You must have a valid UK driving licence
    • You must have a Cat C Class 2 entitlement
    • You must have a Cat C+E provisional licence (you should have received this when you passed your Cat C)
    • You do not need to take another theory test

    Who should train? Why should I train?

    There is currently a huge shortage of drivers in the UK and it is anticipated that this could double with Brexit. Cat C+E vehicles are seen delivering goods all over the UK and Europe and it is a standard vehicle category. 

    With Covid-19 slowing progress and not allowing enough new drivers to qualify the shortage is ever increasing. 

    The salary and career opportunities are usually better than the Cat C Class 2 which make it a key qualification for professional drivers. If you want to see more of the UK or Europe, it’s likely that you will be driving the larger Cat C+E vehicles.

    You can add other qualifications for transporting hazardous goods or driving tankers (ADR) or a Lorry Mounted Crane course to further improve your CV and options. 

    The Process

    You must already hold a Cat C Class 2 licence.
    You must also hold a Cat C+E provisional licence. 
    You must have a valid UK driving licence.


    We can arrange your Free Cat C+E Driving Assessment.
    Choose your training course and test location.


    Arrange suitable course and test dates.


    Attend your training course and test. 
    You are ready to enter the industry. 

    What does the training include?

    Free Training

    We will guide you through the entire process, from your initial application and documentation requirements, to helping you to find employment once you're qualified.

    Free Training

    We supply brand new vehicles for you to train in which are highly maintained and fitted with reversing cameras. They are easy to drive and have fully automatic transmissions (you will however, still receive a manual licence).

    Free Training

    Your test will be arranged at one of our professional test sites. Dulson Training has Shropshire's only private DVSA customer test facilities. The examiner will conduct your test at the same location where you completed your training.

    Free Training

    Training and taking your test at the same site will improve your confidence and pass rates.