Driver CPC Periodic & Initial Qualification


Driver CPC, Driver Certificate of Professional Competence was introduced in 2008 (bus) 2009 (lorry) and must be held if you wish to drive a lorry or bus professionally. 

Get Qualified - Initial Qualification Mod 2 and Mod 4

For new or returning to the industry drivers who have never held a Driver CPC

Module 2 - Case Studies / computer based test, 50 multiple choice questions. This can be arranged at your local theory test Centre. You can prepare by setting up an account

Module 4 - Practical Demonstration / using our vehicle to demonstrate your answers to the examiner about loading, security checks and defect checks. We have our own in-house assessor and this test will be arranged at one of our sites using our vehicle. You will be awarded a certificate and a qualification card. 

You need to pass the Mod 2 before arranging the Mod 4. If you are also undertaking a lorry or bus driver training course with us we will combine the Mod 2 and Mod 4 with that training program. 

Stay Qualified - 35 Hours Periodic Training Every 5 Years

For existing professional drivers who already hold or have held a Driver CPC

Once you hold the Driver CPC you will need to complete 35 hours of classroom based Periodic Training within 5 years to renew your qualification. These will be split into 5 days, 7 hours per day. They can be taken anytime within the 5 years in a weeks block or spread out. We recommend completing 1 day per year which would be your 5 days within 5 years. 

We hold courses on site at 2 of our locations in purpose designed training rooms. We provide lunch, refreshments, WC and secure parking on site. We can also deliver these courses to groups at your location nationwide if suitable. 

We deliver 10 different topics and although you are allowed to repeat the same topic it is more rewarding and enjoyable if you sit a different topic each time. In 2017 we introduced Quizdom handsets for all our courses, they are small handheld electronic devices that allow you to participate in question and answer sections and group activities. These make the courses more interactive and can be used to create a performance report for you or your employer if you wish to do so. 

We are committed to offering quality training courses that cover the topic areas and are enjoyable. These are some of our topic areas: 

  • A Drivers Day - includes working time directive and drivers hours.
  • A Drivers Wellbeing - lifestyle choices, drinking, smoking, drugs and exercise and how they effect your driving.
  • FPOCS - first aid (first person on the scene) 
  • Digital Tachographs - operation and driving hours
  • Health and Safety - a general overview, legislation and how it affects the transport industry
  • Know Your Vehicle - looking a different vehicle types, safety and loading
  • Driving Licenses - entitlements, penalties, operator and other compliance

The Driver CPC for lorry drivers was introduced in September 2009, the first 5 year period ended in September 2014 and the next 5 year period will end September 2019. If you are behind with your days you do not have much time. Its already getting very busy with people trying to catch up. For more information about Driver CPC, how it effects you or to check when your card expires please contact us:

[email protected]