Driver CPC

If you wish to drive a lorry or bus professionally you will need a Driver CPC qualification. This stands for DRIVER Certificate of Professional Competence. This is not the same qualification as the Transport Manager or operator CPC and will need to be taken separately. 

All new drivers will need to complete a Module 2 Case Studies (theory) and Module 4 Practical Demo test. If you are going to be taking a Lorry or Bus driving course with us we will arrange the Driver CPC to coincide with that course. If you already hold the licence and fro example are returning to the industry you will need to complete these two parts before applying for work.

A popular option for returning to the industry drivers is to complete our Driver CPC and Driver Development/Refresher course at the same time. This give you the ideal platform to apply for work by refreshing your skills and acquiring the Driver CPC qualification.

Once you hold a Driver CPC it will expire 5 years later, the way to keep or renew the qualification is to complete 35 hours (5 x 7 hr days) of Periodic Classroom Training. We regularly run these courses.

You can complete 35 hours in 1 week or the preferred choice is to complete 1 day (7 hours) every year.

Driver CPC courses are run from our classroom in Shrewsbury or on site if you have suitable space and number of delegates. These booking can be made individually or for a large number of staff. You can choose each day’s subject from a large list of options which include:

Drivers Hours & Digital Tachograph Use

Vehicle Check & Defects

Tiredness, Diet & Lifestyle

Vulnerable Road Users

Company & Public Image/Security

First AID

Every day of Driver CPC that is completed it will be uploaded on to the driver’s database and when the 35 hours have been completed a new Driver CPC qualification will be issued.

For more information about the Driver CPC, how it affects you or to book a course please contact our helpful team. As a new driver you will need to pass the Module 2 and Module 4 to qualify. To keep this qualification you will need to complete 35 hours periodic training every 5 years. You cannot drive professionally without a Driver CPC.