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 Student Paramedic - Ambulance -Cat C1

Course Information

Thank you for your enquiry, if you can not find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us on 01952 770659. We are here to help. 

What do I need before I start?

You must hold a valid UK driving licence and be at least 18.

What will I be doing? 

  • Pass a medical and apply for a Cat C1 provisional entitlement.
  • Prepare online and pass the Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests.
  • Driver training and practical test.
  • Driver CPC training and test if you will be driving professionally, you will not need this to drive an Ambulance. 

Once you pass the theory tests we recommend arranging a free taster session. This is a perfect opportunity to visit one of our sites and find out more about the courses that we offer and try the equipment that we use. It allows us to predict a suitable amount of lessons for you. 

Where will I do my course and test?

Our driving courses are available in Shrewsbury, Telford and Wrexham. We have hundreds of driving tests pre booked at these locations. Shrewsbury and Telford are private DVSA test sites used exclusively by Dulson Training for training and tests. We will arrange an intensive training course and test to fit in with your schedule available 7 days a week.

How does the training work?

We supply the equipment you need for the training and test. Our VW Crafter Cat C1 is easy to drive, small and easy to reverse. Your lessons will be in the same location as your test. Our experienced instructors will prepare you for the 90 minute test one to one. Covering the reversing exercise, safety questions and on road driving. 

The course is not fixed, we can arrange more or less training depending on your skill and experience. Our 8 hour course works very well for most people and produces an excellent pass rate more than double of the national average. This course is usually split into two 4 hour days including the DVSA test. 

Will I need a Driver CPC? 

If you will be driving professionally you will need a Driver CPC. To qualify you will need to pass the Mod 2 Case Studies and Mod 4 Practical Demo Tests. If you are a student paramedic learning to drive an Ambulance or you will be driving a horse box for personal use you do not need a Driver CPC.

The Mod 4 Practical Demo training and test will be integrated with your Cat C1 course with our in-house DVSA assessors. 

On completion you will receive a Drivers Qualification Card valid for 5 years. To update this card you will need to complete 35 hours (5 days) periodic training within the 5 years. We hold periodic training courses every week.  

Can I pay monthly? 

We are able to spread the costs up to 5 years with variable or fixed APR rates. A credit check and T&C’s apply. You can complete the finance application in your name or someone can apply on your behalf. We can work out a monthly plan depending on your budget by adjusting the deposit and the duration of the credit. 

C1+E (7.5 ton towing a trailer)

You will need to pass the Cat C1 before applying for a Cat C1E provisional. The C1+E practical training and test lay out and costs are the same as the Cat C1. 

If you already hold a Cat C1+E with a ‘107’ restriction on acquired rights you will need to pass a medical and theory test before undertaking the C1+E practical training and test. 

You can email us on info@dulsontraining.co.uk or contact our head office on 01952 770659 to discuss.

Start Now

  • Intermediate Course - 2 days approx 8 hours inc test. Suitable for confident drivers with local road knowledge and some experience driving larger vehicles and vans. 
  • Novice Course - 3 days approx 12 hours inc test. Suitable for anyone who has not driven larger vehicles or vans. 

Training courses available in Shrewsbury, Telford and Wrexham.

We are the only training provider to offer this course in Shrewsbury, we have exclusive use of the DVSA driving test site in Shrewsbury. 

Dulson Ambulance Student Paramedic Driver Training

  • Pay Monthly - Finance Available 
  • One-2-One Training 7 Days Per Week
  • Excellent Pass Rates
  • Great Value 
  • Free Assessment 
  • Everything Supplied
  • Take Your Test At Our Private Test Site 
  • Choose Shrewsbury, Telford or Wrexham

Licence Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or more
  • Must have a Valid UK driving licence

Who should train? Why should I train?

Cat C1 vehicles are commonly used for horse boxes, mid-size delivery vehicles and ambulances. We will help you to understand the licence requirements for driving these types of vehicles and guide you through the application, training, and qualification processes.

If you have a standard car licence you can jump straight on to the bigger Cat C Class 2. The Cat C is a very similar process to the C1 but will allow you to drive bigger vehicles.

If you are looking for employment options we recommend doing the Cat C because there are more opportunities, increased flexibility, and better salary prospects.

Many UK ambulance services request you to get the Cat C1 before applying for a role.

The Process

Request your free application pack.



We can arrange a flexible training course to work around you.

Arrange a Medical.


Apply for your provisional licence.


We'll arrange your free Driving Assessment.



We will book your theory tests and set you up to revise!

Pass your Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests..

Choose your location and book your course.

Choose your payment option.


Complete the driver training course.



Take the test at one of our private sites.



Complete your Driver CPC if driving professionally.

What does the training include?

Free Training

We supply everything you need from start to finish and our experienced team is here to help you throughout the process.

Free Training

Our training vehicles are all small, brand new, easy to drive, and fitted with reversing cameras to help you to train with confidence.

Free Training

We provide the DVSA driving test at our test sites.

Pass rates

Our pass rates are exceptional and we have Shropshire’s only private DVSA customer driving test sites, which enable you to train and test at the same site.