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Car and Trailer Cat B+E Shrewsbury Telford

Course Information

If you passed your standard car driving test before 1st January 1997 you should already hold a Cat B+E on acquired rights. If you passed your car test after 1st January 1997 and you wish to tow a large trailer or caravan you will need to pass a DVSA practical test. If you already have a B+E, we offer training and driver development courses to improve your skills and confidence
If you want to gain a B+E car and trailer qualification, we offer bespoke driver training packages and supply everything you need from start to finish. We offer flexible payment plans from as little as £25 per month.
The courses are not a fixed length, you can complete as much or as little training as you wish. 
We recommend a 8 hour course including 90 minute DVSA test if you have towing experience. 
We recommend a 12 hour course including 90 minute DVSA test if you have no towing experience.
If you would like to train with a colleague for friend we can arrange a shared training course to reduce the cost per person.  
Choose to do your driver training and test in Shrewsbury, Telford or Wrexham.

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B+E Car and Trailer Driver TrainingCar and Trailer Training Shrewsbury Telford
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  • Choose Shrewsbury, Telford or Wrexham

Licence Requirements

  • Must be 17 years +
  • Must hold a valid UK driving licence
  • If you already hold a Cat B+E we offer refresher and caravan reversing courses

Who should train? Why should I train?

If you want to tow a large trailer, horse box, or caravan (usually over 750kg), you will need to take a DVSA test. Most trailers, caravans and horseboxes exceed this weight.

If you are a farmer, groundworks, motorsport enthusiast, or horse rider who drives large vehicles, you may be required to take the B+E test car & trailer test. Once you pass you will receive an updated licence which permits you to drive any vehicle up to 3500kg and tow a trailer up to 3500kg. Please be aware that you must also ensure that your car, van or 4x4, can legally tow the trailer you will be using.

If you drive these vehicles without the correct licence you will be breaking the law. You can receive a large fine, points on your licence, and your insurance will be invalid.

The Process

Contact us for advice and to arrange a free driving assessment.
Choose your preferred site for your training course and book.
We can arrange the practical training as a block, day by day, weekdays or weekends.
We will have a test pre-arranged for you at one of our DVSA private test sites.

What does the training include?

Free Training

We supply everything that you need from start to finish.

Free Training

We supply new tow vehicles with reversing cameras and easy to reverse twin axle box trailers.

Time Flexible

Your course can be booked at a flexible time and for the length of training you require.

Free Training

We have Shropshire's only private customer driving test sites and you will take your test at the same site where you completed your training Shrewsbury or Telford.