About Us

We are a Shropshire based driver training provider who have grown and adapted to the changing needs of the industry. Widening our range of courses and capacity significantly over the last decade. Trading for over 25 years we have the experience to adapt to every individual’s situation with an always friendly and approachable attitude. Every course is treated with the same outlook, to be successful and enjoyable.    

Our bookings team will be there to manage the process and offer advice as you progress through each stage. Every element in the process has been carefully thought out to make sure that the end result is achieved as time and cost effectively as possible. 

We are Shropshire people and like to support our county. Our products, vehicles, repairs and fuel are purchased from local suppliers whenever possible. Our vehicle fleet is continually being updated and modified to lower our impact on the environment.

A big step was made in 2016 after four years of careful planning Dulson Training Ltd now offers practical driving tests from one of their own Shrewsbury sites. Being able to offer tests in Shrewsbury is very important. After the closure of the public centre, local residents would have to travel an hour or more to take their test in unfamiliar surroundings. This was unacceptable to us and we are very proud to keep the service in Shrewsbury after substantial investment by us. Other advantages include being able to practice on the same site you will be tested on and all lesson time is spent on the test routes.

We successfully offer our services to individual, corporate and blue chip organisations. We have been able to adapt to the competitive environment by putting our customers’ needs and satisfaction as our top priority. Our reputation and the repeat business that it generates is our strength. We don’t do a lot of advertising because every satisfied customer’s good word is far better than an advert in the paper.

We look forward to taking a course booking with Dulson Training Ltd so that we can take the journey to a better future together.