HGV / PCV / Trailer / Driver CPC in Shrewsbury - Telford - Stone 

Shropshire and Staffordshire 


We offer  pay monthly options, 'student loans' and garanteed job interviews...

Block bookings or flexible lessons at weekends, weekdays and evenings. 

We offer professional driver training courses for all vehicle categories from Car to Class 1 and Driver CPC across our multiple Shropshire locations. We have private customer DVSA driving test sites in Shrewsbury and Telford. Our brand new fleet of vehicles is one of the most impressive in the UK. We are a family run company with over 30 years in the training industry. We stand out from the crowd and offer what others can not.

  • Full Packages 
  • 0% APR Pay Monthly 
  • Job Seekers Funding
  • Free Assessments 
  • Courses in Telford
  • Courses in Shrewsbury
  • Excellent Pass Rates
  • Family Run for over 25 Years
  • LGV Driver Apprenticeship
  • Brand New Fleet
  • Multiple Locations 
  • Job Finding Help 
  • Weekdays or Weekends

We are the areas longest established training provider with outstanding facilities and deliver roughly ten times more courses than anyone else locally per week with exceptional results.



Tests in Shrewsbury - Telford - Stone

Tests in Shrewsbury - Telford - Stone

Prepare and take your driving test at our private Shrewsbury or Telford sites. 


We have worked extremely;y hard over the last few years to strengthen our relationship with the DVSA. We opened a DVSA customer test site in Shrewsbury in 2017 and now our latest addition another customer test site in Telford. We where also one of the first providers in the UK to have our own in-house M4 assessor. 


We opened the site in Shrewsbury in 2017 to offer a more professional training environment for our customers and guarantee more stable test availability. We can pre-book hundreds of test slots allowing us to plan training courses with more accuracy and commitment. We deliver the courses in and around Shrewsbury test routes and all practice maneuvers are completed at the test site. When a customer is about to take their test they are on familiar territory and the exact same piece of tarmac that they have been practicing on. This inspires confidence and improves the chances of passing. Many training companies use public car parks are unmarked farm yards etc. 

The examiner uses our site to conduct the tests and we use it in between for training purposes. It proved such a huge benefit that we decided to open a second site in Telford. Our new site will deliver even more tests with the same advantages as our Shrewsbury site. The added bonus for our Telford site is that is the only one of its kind in the area. If you want to training and test in Telford this is the only site that delivers public training course options in Telford. We also deliver Driver CPC periodic training, 5 x 7 hour modules = 35 hours. Make sure your ready for the next deadline: September 2019.


We also qualified our own in-house DVSA M4 assessor, we deliver dozens of courses per month and it allows us to schedule courses with more flexibility for our customers. We can arrange this type of training and tests weekdays, weekends and evenings. This has also proven a huge success, we are constantly evolving and looking for the best way to deliver the best possible customer service. 


With the addition of our second DVSA driving test site and our in-house assessor we continue to lead the way in customer service and continue to establish ourselves as one of the UK's leading driver training providers. 


Advanced Leaner Loan

Advanced Leaner Loan

Advanced Learner Loan Programme (Student Loan) 

01952 770659  

Pay Monthly

Pay Monthly

We are pleased to offer 0% APR finance packages over 12 months on most of our training courses. This is subject to status and T&C’s apply. You or someone on your behalf can apply for the finance package.

How does it work?

Once you have carefully chosen what training course you want to book you will need to contact us. We will do an online credit application. If this is approved and you wish to proceed we will need a non-refundable deposit. We will email you the loan T&C’s and credit agreement immediately.

We will not process your application for 14 days, during this time you can contact us in writing to cancel your credit application.
If you do not cancel your credit application within the 14 days your loan will be processed.

Once the credit application is approved we will contact you to arrange your practical training course.

Can I apply?

The minimum age is 18 years. You must have a gross annual income of over £5000, 3 years accurate UK address history and not currently bankrupt, have any IVA’s or CCJ’s. You must have a card to pay the non-refundable deposit and a bank or building society that you can use for direct debit payments. Some one can apply for the credit on your behalf but they will need to contact us.

How do the payments work?

If your credit application is successful and you want to proceed we will need a non- refundable deposit. Once the loan is processed you will pay 12 monthly 0% APR repayments from your bank or building society. You can pay higher repayments or pay offthe loan early with no penalty charge. If you prefer you can pay for part of your course in full and then arrange finance for the remaining amount.

Please note that the non refundable deposit is calculated at 12% of the credit amount. The 12% is an additional charge and the credit is then repaid with 0% APR over 12 months. You would save the 12% if you paid for your course in full.


Training Course £1000 Non-refundable Deposit (12%) £120 Term 12 Months
APR 0%
Monthly repayments £83.33
Total Payable £1120

If you would like more information about the finance package or if you would like to apply please contact us.

Low Income & Job Seekers LGV HGV Funding

Low Income & Job Seekers LGV HGV Funding

The Telford College HGV Pre-Employment Programme has trained more than 100 Job Seekers since its launch in April 2017. We are able to offer Class 2 (Cat C) HGV Training or Class 1(Cat C+E) for those with an existing HGV Licence.

 Job Seeker Eligibility

  • Must hold a full Category B Drivers Licence (Car Licence)
  • No more than 6 points held on licence
  • Physically fit as all learners will undergo a medical assessment
  • Criminal convictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Best of all, our training is free if the following criteria is met… 

  • Over 19 years of age and actively seeking employment
  • In receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit or Income Support

Step - by Step Guide

  1. 4 Classroom Based Qualifcations
  2. Medical Exam
  3. Provisonal Licence Application
  4. Theory Training
  5. Multiple Choice/Hazard Perception/CPC Case Studies
  6. Driving Assessment 
  7. Practical Driver Training Course & Test



DGV LGV Driver Apprenticeship

DGV LGV Driver Apprenticeship

At Dulson Training Ltd and TRS Training Ltd we go further in fully understanding what it is that our employer clients want to achieve from their training. We work as their partner in delivering on that vision, developing stronger employees who work well as individuals and as part of a team.

The LGV Apprenticeship programme is designed to help drivers get their lorry licence and gain skills to become valued members of an employer’s workforce and assist employers who wish to upgrade existing employees’ skills and or whowant to recruit new staff to fill their vacancies. Chosen provider of the 'RHA' Road Haulage Association '


Prior to commencement of enrolling your apprentices, through an initial consultation, we establish employer’s needs and desired outcome from the apprenticeship programme. During the consultation we discuss the detail of how the programme is delivered and explain employer’s commitment to meet the apprenticeship requirements with a view to drawing up an agreement.


  • Application of LGV provisional licence (including medical, if required).

  • Functional Skills Maths & English support, if required.

  • Theory Test training, preparing for the DVSA Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception (Module 1) and Driver CPC Case Study (Module 2).

• Practical in cab driver training 5 day course – cat C or
C+E for existing licence holders leading into DVSA driving test (module 3). Delivered by our training partners Dulson Training Ltd.

• Driver Training for Driver CPC (either preparation for Module 4 Test or for 35 hours Periodic Training
as applicable).

• On-site training: 20% Off-The-Job (in work hours) training.

• Company specific pre-driver training and post- drivertraining support, mentoring and monitoring.

• End Point Assessment (Independent Assessor) towards the conclusion of the programme.


The aim of the apprentice programme is for drivers to gain their Large Goods Vehicle Driving Licence and if not alreadyobtained, their English and Maths Level 2 qualifications.

For ‘B’ or ‘C1’ licence holders the category of LGV will be ‘C’. For existing ‘C’ holders it will be ‘C+E’.


The apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 12 months, and may follow this example:


  • Interview (and employer’s usual recruitment process).

  • Introduction to the Apprenticeship Programme.

  • Initial Assessment of English & Maths.

  • Driving Assessment.

  • Completion of Drivers Apprenticeship Agreement.

  • Medical and Provisional Licence Application (if applicable).

  • Assignment of Mentor (by employer).

  • Confirmation of Job Offer and Contract of Employment.

    MONTH 1-3

  • Introduction to Mentor, Housekeeping, Code of Conduct,Tour of Facilities, Job Shadowing, Job Role & Objectives.

  • Introduction to Training Advisor/Assessor.

  • Commencement of DVSA theory training.

  • Complete the DVSA theory training and sitting test at DVSA theory centre.

  • Functional Skills delivery.

  • Commencement of work specific training/Observation byMentor & Training Advisor.

  • Progress Review.


• Continuation of work specific training/Observation byMentor & Training Advisor.

• 5 day Cat C driver training course and test.

• 5 day Cat C+E driver training course and test.

• Driver CPC (either preparation for Module 4 Test or for 35hrs Periodic Training, as applicable).

• Further Functional Skills delivery and progression to obtainqualifications (where applicable).

• Progress Review.

MONTH 10-12

• Final Progress Review / Knowledge Test. • End Point Assessment.
• Successful Completion.


Apprentices must hold a valid UK driving licence (at least Category B, i.e. car licence) and be at least 18 years old. There is no upper age limit or restriction.

The learner will be required to have or achieve level 1 English and Maths and to have taken level 2 English and Maths tests prior to completion of their Apprenticeship


If you are an employer seeking apprentices for an existing programme, or want to work with us to start your own Apprenticeship Programme please call 01952 770659 or