Shropshire Driver Training Academy

Shropshire Driver Training Academy

With the planned closure of Shrewsbury's public test centre we have our own private customer sites in Shrewsbury and Telford. This means you can still train and test in Shropshire.

Dulson Training Ltd (Shropshire) are one of the UK's leading driver training providers. Operating as a family business we have adapted to the changing climate to offer sophisticated and professional driver training packages. We are proud to operate Shropshire's only DVSA apporved customer site meaning you can train and test in comfort.

  • Full packages available from the initial application to finding new employment.
  • All our training equipment is new, small, easy to drive, fitted with reverse saftey cameras and the HGV all use fully automatic gearboxes. Passing on an Auto will not restrict your licence, you can still drive a manual. 
  • We will help you with your HGV medical, provisional and theory application.
  • Intensive courses can be booked in a block or to work around your schedule including weekends. 
  • We pre-book thousands of DVSA driving tests each year to help reduce your waiting time. 
  • We offer everything to get you on the road and then keep you on the road. 
  • A large choice of Driver CPC perioidc courses are available. 
  • A strong team of instructors will always ensure you are properly preparred for your driving test. 
  • We have on site secure car parking, WC, waiting room, refreshments and full size DVSA inspected training areas. 
  • Our pass rates are more than double of the national pass rate average. 
  • We work with almost all of the local haulage companies because they understand that we deliver result every time. 
  • Our training equipment meet all new Euro 5 emmisions standards or higher and are maintained regardless of time/cost.
  • Our Cat BE (Car & Trailer) courses are adapted depending on your ability. We provide new tow vehicles and new Ifor Williams dual axle box trailers. These are very easy to tow and reverse. 
  • Our dedicated team are always on hand to assist you with the entire process. 
  • We train on the routes that you use on your test meaning you do not waste training time traveling or training on roads that are not used for testing. 
  • We are not a broker, be carefull when booking a course that you do not book with a broker. Come direct to us. (the training provider) Brokers will often have hidden charges and could send you anywhere in the UK for your training.
  • We may have funding options for your driver training course.
  • We offer assessments. We always recommend you arrange to meet any potential training provider before booking a course. You will surprised how many will not meet your expectations!



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We are not a Broker!!

We are not a Broker!!

Brokers hit the training scene over a decade ago, they have had a huge impact and often not in a positive way. The brokers will almost always be the first on the search engine pages like google. They advertise really well and offer you a great local package and experience often promising you very high paid employment options. In reality they are a team of staff who will charge you and then book your course with someone fairly local to you. They will usually book you with the cheapest training provider in your area not necessarily the best provider. They are often are cheaper because they use older vehicles or shortcut on courses. The broker will not pass this saving onto you, often you could have booked directly with your local provider and saved hundreds of pounds and equally as important completed the process much quicker. The advantages of a broker is that they will do everything for you including arranging theory tests, Driver CPC and finding you work. Dulson Training Ltd also do all this for you, so why not book with your us. You will get the best services, value and package possible. If you are unsure ask to arrange an assessment drive then you can visit the training provider, look at their facilities, equipment and instructors. If they can’t offer this then they probably have something to hide from you, we always welcome a visit.

Please take a look at someone's televised experience of using a broker

Shropshire's only Customer Test Site

Shropshire's only Customer Test Site

We are very please to announce the partnership with ‘Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’ (DVSA) and Dulson Training LTD. After considerable time, investment and planning we now operate our own customer driving test site in Shrewsbury.

Its the only one of its kind in Shropshire. This means you train and test in a familiar surroundings at Dulson Training Ltd.

With test centres closing nationally we and our customers needed a local test site. With the announced closure of the public Shrewsbury test centre for 2017 the alternatives centres are an hour away. This would mean extra cost, testing in an unfamiliar area and wasting valuable training time travelling to test sites. With Dulson Training you will still test locally where your training takes place giving you a much higher chance of passing.

The DVSA partnership proves our commitment and value for customer service, we have proved that we are able to partner the official government licensing section.  Although we have substantially invested in this partnership it will allow us to offer better value to our customers. Instead of paying to travel pointlessly to other test sites we can save valuable time by testing form our own site.

Why not use an automatic?

Why not use an automatic?

Recently the DVSA announced a big change in the vehicles you can use to take a driving test. You can now use a fully automatic HGV when taking your test, this will not restrict your driving licence. When you pass on an automatic you will still be able to drive any type of manual transmission. 

The reason for the chnage is because almost every new HGV purchased in the UK is now fully automatic. It would be likely that you would never have to drive a manual. 

The reason for using an automatic on your test is that they are much easier to drive. This allows you to concentrate on making less mistakes and improving your chances of passing first time. If you do drive a manual after passing you will adapt easily. 

We where one of the first providers in the UK to start using automatic vehicles, we now operate a full fleet of automatics. They are all new, responsive and change gear smoothley. They are a pleasure to drive!